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Be a part of the AStA

Join us!

Join us

Finally studying – but only lectures, seminars and group work on a continuous loop are too boring for you? Do you like to get involved and working in a team is exactly your thing? Are you interested in what’s going on at the university? Than we have something for you: The work in the AStA (General Student Committee).

Together we organise events for all students at the university. We take care of your concerns, ideas and wishes and stand up for you wherever we can. Here you can find out what exactly the AStA does. We are happy about anyone who supports us and helps with any of our projects.

Current Openings

Below you will find all current AStA openings for both locations. To help you understand what each representative does, you can find the short descriptions here.


Take an active part in structuring your university days and support the AStA. Do volunteer work and support a great team. You will implement exciting projects with us and actively participate in the execution of events.

Leisure and Culture LP

You take care of the student’s cultural interests and organise leisure activities and events in this context.

University politics and political
education LP / H

You are responsible for organising information events and lectures by experts, seminars or panel discussions for the students. To promote events and campaigns for social commitment of the students are also part of your tasks.

Public Relations LP

You take care of the AStA’s public appearance by writing and publishing texts and posts for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Study Assist.

Short descriptions

Chair Person
  • External representation
  • Organisation of departments
  • Conflict management
  • Requests for improvement measures at the KSL
  • Participate in meetings of any kind (Senate, Department, University Council, …)
  • Communicate with the Presidium and KoMa
  • Control and overview of all procedures, processes and projects
  • Monitor and compliance with organizational standards in ​​financial management and budget management
  • Close cooperation with the budget committee and the AStA accounting department
Public Relation
  • Manage Facebook and Instagram accounts (incl. reply to or forward messages)
  • Contact to the press
  • Contact to the radio
  • Create transparency, for example through Facebook posts with meetings minutes
  • Ensure that information is published at both locations
  • Info circulars
  • Create:
    • Poster
    • Logos
    • Website
    • Banner
  • Ensure use of Corporate Designs
Culture & Leisure
  • Organise various regular events
    • Easter
    • Studentenfutter 7 (Podium)
    • Campus Cinema
    • Start-up Party
    • Beer Cart
    • Freshmen Events
    • WinterCampusSpecial
    • SemesterEndOpenAir
    • Graduate Ball
    • Fair – Herbstwoche
  • Organise any other kind of event and contribute to creating new events
  • Organise various events
    • Canoe tour
    • Bubble Soccer
    • paintball
    • Karting
    • golf
    • Ski tour
    • SVK for women
    • Yoga
    • Skateboard course
  • Organise lectures regarding sports and health
University politics and political education
  • Inform about the committees of the HSHL, create voluntary engagement
  • Promote tolerance and a sense of civic responsibility
  • Implement the election of the course spokesperson for courses without student representatives
  • Information campaigns on state and federal elections
Student representatives
  • Contact and communication partner for the student representatives
  • Support with the implementation of the elections
  • Train the student representatives
  • Public relations for student representatives


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