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The answers to the most of your questions


Education & Finance

How do I register for module exams?

Registration is via the Campus Office Online, which can be found at Here you can register for your respective exam under the tab “Registration for module exams”.

For bachelor theses / project work / semesters abroad and internship semesters, registration is sometimes made differently. If you are unsure, it is best to contact your supervising professor or find out more from your student council or from the relevant publication or module handbook.

Can I register for the exams later?

No, unfortunately not! So please remember to register in good time! The Campus Office announces the registration deadline early every semester by email.

Do I have the right to inspect the exam or the examination certificate?

Yes, you do. The date for the exam review is usually sent by your teacher via email. If you have any problems, you can contact your student council or us.

How do I find a study group?

Don’t be shy! Especially at the beginning, many of your fellow students are also looking for study groups. If you have already tried it personally, you can ask your semester’s WhatsApp or Facebook group.

Who do I contact if I have questions about a semester abroad?

The colleagues from the International Office will help you. You can find all the information you need here.

Do I have to go to all lectures?

There is no compulsory attendance at the HSHL. Nobody forces you, but it is clear that it makes sense to attend the lectures regularly. Otherwise, at the end of the semester, you will have to deal with a lot of unprocessed material. If you have missed several lectures, you can view the respective scripts on the learning platform afterwards.

How is the semester fee composed?

The semester fee includes both the administrative fee, to which i.a. the enrolment fee and re-registration fee count, as well as the social contribution to the student union, which i.a. is used for the operation of canteens, cafeterias, dormitories and advice centres, as well as a contribution for the student body of the university, such as the AStA and the SemesterTicket for local public transport.

Here you can find more information about the determination of the contribution amount at the HSHL.

Who do I contact if I have questions about BAföG?

Information about BAföG can be found in the regular advisory services on the Hamm and Lippstadt campuses. You can find the dates in the event calendar on the HSHL website, here:

Dates Hamm
Dates Lippstadt

Or you can contact the Studierendenwerk Paderborn directly, which is responsible for the HSHL for BAföG applications. Here you can ask all questions about application, funding period, funding amount, etc. and you will receive a professional answer.


Hello Ersti (freshmen)

What do I have to expect during my first week?

Due to the current corona situation, your start at the HSHL will be a little different than usual. The university has summarized all the important information for you here.

Be sure to also check out the Facebook groups for freshmen. You can find more information here

Can I print at the university?

Yes you can! More information can be found here

How do the computers in the PC pools work?

You log in to the computer as you do at with your email address and your self-selected password.

Important: When you are working on projects, always remember to save your progress on a USB stick / external hard drive / cloud service, as everything you save locally on the computer cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Where can I borrow laptops?

In cooperation with the AStA, the HSHL libraries each make twelve laptops available to bowrrow for students. In addition, three devices can be borrowed for use in the libraries. You can find more information here!

How does the library work?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the library can currently only be operated under certain conditions. You can find out more here.

This is how it usually works:

Borrowing a book in the library and returning it works entirely without human contact through our self-checker. Here you can find out how this works.

You can find more information about the libraries on this HSHL website.

How do I pay in the cafeteria

You pay with the cafeteria card. You can get it from our cafeteria ladies. A € 5 deposit is charged for the card. You can have the value of your card read out on site at the respective machines and also top up with cash (only notes). If you don’t have any cash with you: You will find an ATM (Sparkasse) at the dining halls (check with your bank whether there are any fees).

How can I rent rooms?

If you need a room for group work or seminar events write an email to

You can also book rooms for group work in the libraries of both locations. Please speak to the library staff about this. You can find more detailed information, especially with regards to the current conditions for using the libraries, here.

Is there a Facebook group for my semester?

Yes! The names of the Facebook groups are made up as follows: HSHL-course-semester year, e.g. HSHL-SMK-1st semester 2020/21. There you can also exchange ideas directly with your fellow students.

Are there courses and other training opportunities that I can attend?

Yes! Among other things, we organise Excel courses and much more. To see what courses are currently up and running, it is best to take a look at our social media channels.

AStA and other committees

When and how do I reach the AStA? (see also contact and office hours)

Here you can find our current office hours of the AStA.

Where can I find information on student self-administration? (AStA / StuPa / FS)

Under the “About Us” tab you find information on each body. You are welcome to ask us additional questions via Instagram / Facebook or by email.

How can I, as a student, stand up for other students? How can I interact in the university committees?

At Join us! you will find all the information about how you can get involved in various committees. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have an idea for an event, who do I contact?

We are looking forward to receiving your suggestion! If it is a sporting action, please send an email to If it is a party idea or something similar, please send an email to If you have something completely different or don’t know where your concern fits, you can always contact us at

Do you still have any questions?

Write us an email, we’ll take care of it!

The university also has its own FAQ platform, where you can find more information.


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